Connect for Respect

Families + School = Student Success!

The Connect for Respect is a national PTA program that advocates for bullying prevention. 

Bullying isn’t just a problem for the perpetrator and victim, it affects everyone. 

  • Children who bully are more likely to use substances, get into physical fights, break the law, and have abusive relationships. 
  • Children who are targets are more likely to experience depression, anxiety, lose interest in learning and possibly retaliate using violence. 
  • Students who witness bullying are more likely to feel anxious, depressed, avoid going to school, and use substances. 
  • The more we learn about bullying, the more we understand that it is a symptom of a poor climate either in the classroom, the school, or at home. 

Positive school climates foster learning and decrease bullying. It is proven that in negative school climates, bullying is very common. The most effective program to bullying prevention is to build a culture of respect rather than narrowly focusing on the bully and target. 

When parents are involved, children are more likely to attend school regularly, have better social skills, and experience greater success in school. All translate into a healthier school and home environment. 

When students feel safe, supported and respected—they want to be in class. When teachers feel safe, supported and respected—they want to come to work and more engaging. That happiness filters into the classroom, which has a direct effect on achievement of their students. 

If we don’t respect others, they will not respect us, and if we don’t respect ourselves we will not be respected by others. THIS is why our goal this year is to focus on promoting events that teach qualities of good character and teamwork.

To help your child learn about respect, make a video titled “What does respect mean to me?” then message it to use through our Sherwood PTA Facebook page. We will share our favorite videos!